grillmaster - Enjoy this very slow updating website.

You've reached this sane website that's all about me.


You can email me at: grillmastert28 at firemail dot cc


2017 Mar 04 - Some updates

Links, text, gaming and wallpapers updated. New section: Projects

2016 Nov 03 - Text files section added

A bunch of random text files uploaded and minor website style changes.

2016 July 25 - Moved from neocities to 000webhost

Now I can put my patches and shit without the restriction preventing so.

2016 May 25 - Website Up!

This website is actually a successor of my old websites: (2014 - 2016), and (2015 - 2016)

Other websites

I have my very own chan called: grillchan. You can visit it here:

I also have a github account where I put up projects up:

DoctorDavid's US Presidental Election Prediction: