Just a bunch of random text files, you can use the find function to narrow down to the tag you want. Those text files that are tagged: 'grillmaster' is authored, and written by me.

Text files by grillmaster

FilenameSize (Bytes)TagsDescription
systemd-analyze_-_2017_MAR_04.txt2265Linux, SystemD, grillmaster1 minute and 10 seconds boot time...
gm_-_usingthelinuxcli.txt19968Linux, Unix, CLI, Computers, grillmasterUsing the Linux/Unix-like command line interface | 2016 edition
computer_science_component_01_and_02.txt134666Computer Science, grillmasterAS Computer Science Componenet 1 and 2 | 2016 edition

Other text files (Pastebins to Politics)

FilenameSize (Bytes)TagsDescription
4chan_b_motherson_story.txt103124chan, StorySome (maybe fake) story by Anon about him and his mother
anti_masturbation_pastebin_001.txt17466Pastebin, SexualityAnti-Masturbation pastebin 1
south_korea_-_8_shamans_cult_-_2016_oct.txt55634chan, PoliticsSouth Korea 8 Shamans Incident | 2016 October
transgender_illness_001.txt19644chan, SexualityTransgender Mental Illness 1
what_the_jews_did.txt25644chan, JudaismList of Jews to Subject